“My favorite shoe from today […] it’s called the boyfriend, so of course.”

Taylor Swift Making Fun of Taylor Swift (x)



i like how this is lucas till’s face upon finding out he was gonna make out with taylor in the ybwm music video


Seasonal Taylor: Easter

“I am obnoxious like this. I like to dress sort of like I am an Easter egg. I get excited about seasons changing. I went out and bought a salmon sweater with a mint-colored skirt and a lilac handband. I am self-aware about it, but I am obnoxious about the seasons changing.”

@GenaGabrielle: OMG Taylor’s face when anaïs said “I met your best friend SELENA Gomez!”😂😂 http://t.co/qIPSHNLhar

@GenaGabrielle: Tay told her “awe! I bet she was sweet!”

Taylor blowing a kiss at Andrea after singing The Best Day (x)


this is how the queen celebrates Easter every year.

Taylor Swift dancing during Darius Rucker/Lady Antebellum ACM performance- Wagon Wheel


beware of this look, gyllenhaal


she seriously want her scarf back


ed sheeran in the back, though.